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Process Efficiency – Is anyone interested?

Editor’s note: It is a well known that in industry, the advent of technology, systems and computer applications has driven significant cost savings. However, the industrial medical complex chooses to communicate wide and far the costs, the cost increases and their need for more revenue. Hardly, if ever do you see a story about the efficiency that process technology is bring to health care.

Is healthcare different, I doubt it. Is the industrial medical complex motivated to study and develop the business case for investment based on efficiency within its existing infrastructure? Time and again, it proves that it is not.  The following is just such a story.


Survey: Switch to EMRs, ICD-10 codes to drive up hospitals’ IT budgets
The push toward electronic medical records, as well as the migration to 5010 standards and ICD-10 code sets for computerized claims, will help increase U.S. hospitals’ IT spending, which will reach $4.7 billion in 2009 and soar to $6.8 billion by 2014, according to a report from HIMSS Analytics. The study also estimates that providers will use 43% to 48% of capital budgets on such technology this year, decreasing from 2007 figures because of the recession. Health Data Management


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