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Limitless Appetite for Healthcare

Editor’s note: With all due respect, Senator, we all have to deal in a world of limited resources. I realize it would be great if…but Washington needs to a stiff dose of reality.


Kennedy puts forth his vision for healthcare.  Kennedy, rarely seen in public, has put that vision to paper in legislation that would provide generous government subsidies to families buying coverage, place significant responsibilities on employers, create a new long-term-care program for millions of people with disabilities, and perhaps reach into the profits of insurance companies.

The 170-page bill, still labeled a draft, is by far the most liberal approach to health-care reform being discussed in Washington and potentially is quite expensive. It does not identify how the expansion of health coverage would be paid for, except to require businesses to provide insurance for workers or pay penalties.

After spending “scores of hours in the Kennedy workhorse meetings” that assembled a diverse range of stakeholders, Neil Trautwein, a vice president of the National Retail Federation, said he was surprised and disappointed that the team had resorted to a “lot of the same old tired ideas we have fought against for many years.”

Much of the business community will “do everything we can to block” the proposed employer mandates, he said.

A source who has met often with Kennedy aides said they have estimated that the “employer mandate” could raise $300 billion over a 10-year period, which would suggest either high levies, a program that targets even the smallest businesses or a combination of the two.


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