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If only we could do this…health care would be fixed

Editor’s note: ACOs are a creation of Elliot Fisher from Dartmouth. There are innumerable people who present the facts…health care costs are growing too fast. Then they present untested solutions to the problem. If only we did this or that  and follow these principals, we would solve the health care situation and put it on a sustainable footing. We need to get about the business of reducing the cost, the price and the waste. We need to get serious about this and take real actions. It is time to end the debate, stop the posturing and take real action. 

Accountable Care Organizations: A Tool To Reduce Variation In Health Care

Mari Edlin

June 09, 2009

Medicare is estimated to have a $660 billion deficit by 2023. This is where Julie Lewis, director, health policy at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, made a business case for accountable care organizations (ACOs). If annual growth in per capita health care spending can be reduced by 1%, Medicare could save a cumulative $1.42 trillion.

In her presentation, “Reducing Variation: Improving Access to Affordable Health Care” at AHIPs Institute 2009, Lewis set the stage for needed health care reform by emphasizing many of the principals ripe for change: developing meaningful measurement of system performance; providing better evidence to reduce gray areas; rewarding value, not volume; engaging patients; choosing the right workforce to lead change; and generating accountability for capacity, cost and quality.


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