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$62,500 for each newly insured person under the Kennedy bill!

Over 87,000 Americans have joined us to fight for a free market health care system and we greatly appreciate your support.

As you know, the Administration and Congress’s effort to nationalize health care will give the federal government control over the entire health care sector.

Senator Kennedy’s version of health reform, ironically named Affordable Health Choices Act, is predicted to cost $1 trillion dollars over 10 years but insure only one-third of the people who lack health insurance. That’s a cost to the taxpayer of $62,500 per newly insured person or $250,000 for a family of four. Amazingly, despite its lavish cost the Kennedy Plan would nevertheless leave 36 million Americans without health insurance after ten years.

Millions of families and future generations are counting on us to fight on their behalf. Your voice-joined by a rising chorus of Americans-can help secure their opportunity to enjoy high-quality health care.

Please send the “Free Our Health Care Now!” petition to at least two friends, family members, and colleagues and encourage them to let their voice be heard. Remember: the health care that you’re fighting for is your own.

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