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What are you are buying now?

Editor’s note: Don’t you just love polls? We don’t know what we are buying now with health care. The proposals are all over the place and they are asking people if they are willing to pay more. How much more?  $1 trillion, $4 trillion? For what? 16 million more, 48 million more?


According to a new  public opinion poll conducted between June 1 and June 8, 2009, by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a solid majority of the American people (61%) continue to believe that health reform is more important than ever given the country’s economic problems. However, when it comes to paying for reform, opinion is divided:

  • The public remains divided in their willingness to pay more to expand coverage to the uninsured, with a slight majority (54%) saying they are not personally willing to pay more to expand coverage.

  • Six in ten Americans (60%) continue to say that if policymakers made the right changes the health care system could be reformed without spending more money to do it.

  • Slightly more than half (54%) of Americans oppose taxing the employer sponsored health benefits of those with the most generous plans (compared to 63% among those insured by an employer).

  • Roughly two-thirds (67%) oppose across-the-board increases on income taxes.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, June 16, 2009.


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