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Organized Care Delivery

The Commonwealth Fund’s ongoing case study series on organized health care delivery systems illustrates how vastly different systems of care serving diverse populations can improve their performance using common strategies: information continuity, patient engagement, care coordination, team-oriented care delivery, continuous innovation and learning, and convenient access to care.

In the new comprehensive overview of findings from the case studies—15 in all—Douglas McCarthy and Kimberly Mueller of Issues Research, Inc., discuss how these organizations have achieved significant improvements in clinical quality of care and control of chronic diseases, higher patient satisfaction, shorter waiting times, and reductions in hospitalizations, emergency visits, and prescription drug expenses. The first nine organizations profiled in the series include:

The experience of the case study sites adds to a body of research documenting how diverse types of integration of providers and services—in combination with effective leadership, aligned incentives, and a supportive organizational mission and culture—facilitate high-functioning local health care delivery. Findings from the case study series support recommendations by The Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System to stimulate greater organization of health care in the U.S.


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