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Glenn Reynolds on the hidden cost of national health care

Editor’s note: Great article by Glen Reynolds – will national health care reduce the innovation in this country? Is the rate of innovation in other countries like Canada or the UK greater or lesser than the US? Lesser, I fear.


By: Glenn Harlan Reynolds
OpEd Contributor | 7/11/09 1:23 PM

Lots of people are beginning to question the cost of President Barack Obama’s healthcare “reform” plans, and with good reason. (Just compare the original projections for Medicare with what it wound up costing in reality).

But there’s another cost that isn’t getting enough attention. That’s the degree to which a bureaucratized healthcare system will squash medical innovation just as we reach a point where dramatic progress is possible. To see how important that is, I don’t have to look any farther than my own family.

Perhaps our medical history is more involved than most, but probably not by a lot. And yet many members of my family are living better, happier lives — or, heck, just living — because of medical innovations made in recent decades, innovations that probably wouldn’t have been made under a government-run health system. And as medical technology progresses by leaps and bounds, the next few decades are likely to see much greater progress, unless it’s throttled by bureaucrats.


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