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What Kind of Health Reform Do We Need

Editor’s note: You can read the same story from Kansas, to Georgia, to Texas, Missouri again and again — premium increases for health care, fewer employers sponsoring health care benefits for their employees, the cost of health care is exceeding 10 percent of income for a large (15+%) proportion of people. All of these stories lead to the various writer’s same conclusion — healthcare is unaffordable and we need health care reform. No argument there. The question is what kind of reform and what is affordable.

Perhaps, just perhaps, it is the cost that is the problem not who pays for it. If the costs were lower more people and employers could pay for quality healthcare!


HHS releases health care Status Quo Report
The HHS has released state-by-state health care cost and quality data in its Status Quo Report. The report found that many people — about 16% in Georgia and 20% in Texas — are skipping doctor visits because of the cost. American City Business Journals/Dallas (7/13) , American City Business Journals/Atlanta


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