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Support for Healthcare Reform is Crumbling

Editor’s note: Most Americans are for health care reform, but holy moley the cost of yet another program. ‘Everyone’ was for the stimulus, but holy moley the cost and what have we gotten for our money so far — higher unemployment, more debt and …


This from the LA Times:

The president knows his keystone program is in deep trouble and losing momentum. That’s why his organization is sending out all those e-mails and organizing local discussion groups to mobilize grassroots support and why he drags the subject into everything he talks about. Why he even dragged it into a speech Thursday night celebrating the NAACP’s centennial. And he’ll no doubt focus on the same subject in his weekly address tomorrow (Text here as always at 3 a.m. Pacific Saturday).

“Now is not the time to slow down,” he pleads.

Which sounds much like winter’s successful argument for urgent passage of the economic stimulus bill, whose benefits have yet to appear. We gotta do this now doesn’t always work the second time around.

Obama insists Congress get a healthcare reform program drafted before its members leave on….August 8th.

Obama’s current problem is actually crumbling support among Democrats, dozens of whom are beginning to waver over the scale of such spending, whether some of it eventually gets covered by savings or not.

They know that conveniently predicted future government savings have a way in Washington of not actually ever materializing. But by then it’s too late.

And recent estimates by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office not only bruise but basically destroy the administration’s argument about costs and savings.


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