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Health care bill will create even larger deficits than claimed

Editor’s note: This from Craig Reynolds on Instapudit is very much worth reading. So much for transparency and change you can believe in. It appears that they will use every method to spin their story, delay the facts, and who knows what else?


RUBBER, MEET ROAD: White House putting off release of budget update. “The White House is being forced to acknowledge the wide gap between its once-upbeat predictions about the economy and today’s bleak landscape. . . . The release of the update – usually scheduled for mid-July – has been put off until the middle of next month, giving rise to speculation the White House is delaying the bad news at least until Congress leaves town on its August 7 summer recess. The administration is pressing for votes before then on its $1 trillion health care initiative, which lawmakers are arguing over how to finance.”


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