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Health Care — The House of Medicine Divided

Editor’s note: The Medical Societies split from the AMA over support for the Public Plan Option. The AMA had the politics of Washington on its mind and the State based societies have on the ground practice on their mind — serving patients, making a living.


The American Medical Association (AMA) is facing an insurrection over its support for the House health reform bill and particularly the public plan option after state medical societies rebelled against their leadership’s support for the House bill, including a strong public option.

AMA’s public endorsement of the House bill has prompted medical societies from as many as 12 states to draft a letter to members of Congress stating their “adamant” opposition to the public plan option, individual and employer mandates contained in the bill. An early draft, obtained by Inside CMS, was signed by medical societies from five states and the District of Columbia. The states include: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas and South Carolina.

“They do this all the time,” said a state medical association official who would only speak on background about how AMA leadership breaks with its members on policy questions. “Sometimes I think their rationale is that they believe the doctors back in the states don’t understand how things work in DC.”

AMA members considered a resolution in June that asked the AMA to “express its opposition to ‘public option’ proposals which could result in the elimination of the private health insurance system.”


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