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Health Care the Paradox of AND: Coverage and Cost

Editor’s note: While, confidence in current health care coverage is rising, concerns with cost continue to plague consumers. It seems to me that the number one issue that needs to be addressed is the cost of health care. We can give everyone coverage, but if they and the US in general can’t afford the coverage, what good have we done? The survey from RWJ is linked below. There are many ways that the survey can be interpretted.


With lawmakers pushing to make President Obama’s August recess deadline to introduce comprehensive health reform legislation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Care Consumer Confidence Index (RWJF Index) found that Americans’ confidence in their health insurance coverage and access to health care rose slightly in June. The RWJF Index rose 3.6 points last month to 102.3, up from the May confidence level of 98.7.

84.7% of Americans believe health reform is an important part of addressing the nation’s economic crisis.

  • People are worried about being able to afford future care. More than four in 10 of all Americans (43.3%) are worried that they will not be able to pay for their future health care needs in the event of a serious illness. Additionally, nearly four in 10 (39.8%) are worried that they will not be able to afford all of the routine health care services they need (39.8%).
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