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Health Care: This is Why we Need Comparative Effectiveness Research

Editor’s note: The following story is just one of many examples of why we need comparative effectiveness research and teeth in the law to implement regulations around the findings.


No benefits found for bone cement-based surgery
Two separate studies showed that vertebroplasty, a surgical procedure that involves the injection of bone cement to fix fractured bones in the spine, is no more effective than sham surgery in relieving pain and reducing disability. The Wall Street Journal


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  1. Yes, we do need comparative effectiveness research, but we have to be careful about how this information gets applied. The study cited in the WSJ article has it’s critics, in particular critics feel that the study may not have included the types of people who would most benefit from the procedure. Multiple studies may be needed to truly determine the comparative effectiveness. With medicine, there is always a possibility that for the ‘general’ population some treatment may not represent a cost effective treatment but for a certain percentage it might be very effective. We walk a dangerous path if medicine is geared to an ‘average’ patient.

    Comment by J Howe | August 7, 2009 | Reply

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