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A Primer on Health Care Reform

Editor’s note: This is an excellent, balanced piece to read on the state of play of the health care debate.  A few points:

  1. Read the numbers they mention on how many additional people will be covered. By my estimation they are talking about 24 million more, leaving 24 million uninsured
  2. If costs are unsustainable (health care costs rising faster than inflation and therefore faster than the tax base increases) and increasing taxes aren’t the answer, then the only area to look at is end of life care (a comment about efficiency and waste in a bit) then we end up with a UK like system of valuing treatments versus the value of extending life.
  3. The story reports that Democrats don’t want the fix to doctor’s reimbursement to count in the determination of whether this bill is deficit neutral. Two points, first the fix is part of the bill and second we can’t simply decide not to count something because this is real money and it doesn’t vaporize because we want it to disappear.
  4. Much of the talk about bending the curve is about eliminating waste, inefficiency, wellness and prevention. If this were simple and easily doable employers who sponsor health care and who are self insured would have done it long ago.

Now go read the story —

WASHINGTON — With the debate over the future of health care now shifted from Capitol Hill to town halls, supporters and critics of the Democrats’ legislative proposals are polishing their sound bites and sharpening their attack lines.


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  1. Very good points. They all deserve merit. blog

    Comment by ddenkhaus | August 10, 2009 | Reply

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