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How Much Does Health Care Actually Cost

Employees more sensitive to the cost of health care

  • 72% of employees say they have become more aware of the total cost of healthcare services in the last year; 56% are more aware of what they pay for health insurance

  • However, 58% of those surveyed said they “continue to be surprised” at their out-of-pocket costs

  • 61% say they are aware of what their employer spends on health benefits

  • However, 67% still believe their employer has an obligation to provide health benefits to employees 

  • 68% say having access to health benefits is a key reason for staying with employer

  • 66% of employees whose employer offers financial incentives indicate that it has motivated them to try to lead a healthier life 

  • 58% believe smokers should pay a higher healthcare premium and 46% believe obese employees should pay a higher healthcare premium

Source: The Recession’s Toll on Employees’ Health: Results of a New National Business Group on Health Survey, National Business Group on Health, May 27, 2009


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