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Health Care Town Halls: Roundup

Editor’s note: Greg Scandlen’s round up on the recent health care town hall meetings.

Short Takes

March on Washington
Once your Congressmen and Senators return to Washington battered and bruised from their town hall meetings this summer, they may think they can get back to business as usual out of sight of those unruly constituents. But you can let them know that you know where to find them by coming to Washington yourself on Saturday, September 12. That is the date for the Tea Party March on Washington. Get all the details at the 9/12 web site.

1.5 Million Signatures
The National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) has gotten over one million signatures on its “Free Our Health Care Now” petition. It hopes to have 1.5 million by September 9 when it will present the petition to the leaders of Congress. Go tothe web site to sign and circulate the petition.

Goodman on Town Halls
NCPA President John Goodman uses the experience of collecting these signatures to explain what the town hall protests are really all about in the Wall Street Journal.He says, “The new tactics it is employing show the White House is completely out of touch with the American people. Those who attend town-hall meetings know they are not being organized or funded by anyone. And when the administration attacks their character and their motives and intentionally distorts the truth, it only adds to the anger people already feel.”

Post Mortems
Already the post mortems are coming in on this health reform effort, including this one from Investors Business Daily.

The Chicago Way
There may be more to the ObamaCare efforts than just a naïve hope of government being the Santa Claus for all Americans. Given his administration’s grounding in the Chicago way of governing, these folks may be looking at ensuring prosperity and power – for themselves, as I explain in an op-ed in the Chicago Observer.


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