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ABC and NBC have Banned This Healthcare Ad

Editor’s note: Here is an interesting ad. Decide for yourself.


ABC television has banned a TV ad developed by the League of American Voters from airing on its network.  NBC won’t run it either without changes.  The TV ad exposes the total absurdity of Obamacare and is currently running in some 12 states.  You can see this powerful ad by clicking here.

The ad, features a neurosurgeon who warns that a government-run healthcare system will lead to the rationing of procedures and medicine, began airing about two weeks ago on local affiliates of ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS. On a national level, however, ABC and NBC have refused to run the spot in its present form.

This 33-second TV ad simply presents the truth about Obamacare.   It is a powerful ad featuring a respected neurosurgeon who warns that Obamacare will decimate healthcare for seniors and others in need of life-saving medical procedures.

As Dr. Mark Cuffe explains in the ad, if Obama gets his way and adds 47+ million new patients to the government system, it inevitably will lead to rationing of healthcare procedures and vital medicines for the elderly.  Dr. Cuffe says universal healthcare has led to this same situation in Canada and England.

As the League noted:

This is the same network that aired an infomercial for the Obama plan directly from the White House.  Clearly, ABC knows seniors will not be hoodwinked by Obama when they learn the truth.  Despite ABC’s brazen act of censorship, we need to continue to run this ad on other stations across the nation and on major networks.

And you still don’t think the networks are in the tank for Obama???


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