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Health Care: A Public Plan

Editor’s note:

Interesting post on the Coyote Blog. First my thoughts and then the link to the post. I wonder what other commodities exhibit the same distribution. I think one of the other unexplored elements is the rate of increase in health care expenditures. I suspect that you might see the same relationship with housing. We likely spend more per capita and have better, bigger housing. We kept spending more and more on housing. Then the bubble burst and now housing prices have fallen in many communities. The question is would the same fate befall health care. At some point it will, when the government, employers and people can no longer afford the bill. The problem is that the government is trying to solve the cost problem with a public plan that will impose price controls. That will undoubtedly distort the market in ways that will adversely affect research, medical breakthroughs and the quality of the human resources that will choose to go into the field.


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