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Health Care in Kentucy

Editor’s note: from Greg Scanlen

An article in the Courier Press says not to look to Kentucky as a model for reform. The article by Karen Owens-Phelps says, “The state adopted sweeping health care reforms in the mid-1990s, focusing mainly on health insurance. Since then many of those reforms have been abolished, officials and former state leaders say.” It adds, “Bill Nold, director of the health and life division at the state Department of Insurance, said, “We’re still trying to recover, in a sense, from the bad things that happened.””
The plan allowed small business and individuals to buy into the state employee plan and required all other policies, “to be as good or better than Kentucky Kare’s offerings.” And it controlled premiums. The article says, “As the reforms caused costs to rise for younger, healthier people, they started switching to less expensive, managed-care plans.”  As a result some 40 insurance companies pulled out of the state, leaving only two behind. “Less competition meant higher rates and poorer quality, officials said.”
Courier Press


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