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The Impact of Health Care Cost Increases

Editor’s note: Two thoughts about this article. First, things will change and there is one thing we know for certain about a straight line analysis over 75 years — the result will be different. Second, if we allow people to make the economic choices about their income rather than providing resources for free the people will moderate the impact of increases seen from this vantage point.

Health Spending Threatens To Consume Entirety Of Nation’s Income Growth

If the growth rate in U.S. health care spending continues at current levels, a vastly greater share of personal income and economic resources will be devoted to health care, according to a new analysis in the September/October issue of Health Affairs. And even if that growth rate could be slowed sharply – to a pace of just 1 percentage point faster than annual per capita growth in the gross domestic product – more than half of any increase in personal income would still go to health care over the next 75 years, say Harvard’s Michael Chernew and colleagues.

The September/October issue of Health Affairs, titled “Bending The Cost Curve,” is a thematic volume on health care cost containment supported by grants from Aetna, the Aetna Foundation, and the Commonwealth Fund. The issue was released at a September 9 briefing in Washington, D.C. Video and PowerPoints from that briefing will be available soon on the Health Affairs Web site.


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