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Health Care: Grass Roots Puts Forward their Position

Editor’s note: Interesting how the President can ignore 1.33 million voters.

With more than 1.33 million signatures, the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition ( is not only the largest expression of grassroots opposition to government-run health care, it is the largest policy petition ever delivered to Congress but the President ignored us and the townhall participants’ concerns in his speech. However, the Congressional leaders who received the petition were impressed by its size and by your commitment to it. They recognized the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition as a powerful expression of political will. In fact, because of you, many Congressmen now look to the petition as an indication of America’s opinion on health care and are using it during the health care debate. Your voice is being heard!

…but, even bigger battles are coming! During the petition campaign this summer, we received thousands of your letters. You told us what you wanted: better health care for patients, not government-run health care. But more importantly, you told us why this was a fight worth fighting. For example, ’81-and-active’ Doris from North Baltimore, Ohio, worries that given her health history, government-run health care would be “a death sentence.” She said that as we fought for seniors, she would be fighting with us. Nancy from Arlington, New Jersey, a cancer survivor, is concerned about the medicine she would not get under ObamaCare and Canadian-born Lorraine from Hutto, Texas, told us “how destructive” nationalized health care was during the forty years she lived in Canada. And, many of you encouraged us to continue this fight and said you would be with us!

Our original plan for the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition was to conclude with its dramatic presentation to Congress. But that plan was before we met Doris, Nancy, Lorraine and the more than 1.33 million of you who have joined us in this fight! We realize we can’t stop here; we have to continue to fight this battle! So, we’re continuing the fight with you as our teammates, and what a team we have. We’re fighting like our lives depend on it for one simple reason: for many of us they do!


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