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Health Care Transition to the Medical Home

Editor’s note: There will be challenges and hurdles to move towards the medical home concept. Health systems will need to line up a myriad of resources to make the transition. From Medical School education to practice processes, from health care technology to integration with the supporting providers.


One insight being gleaned from the medical home pilots now underway is that the underlying theory is true: from both a patient and increasingly a financial perspective, the focus of care needs to shift from disease to patient, and ultimately to person.

At Elliot Family Medicine, one of 11 practices in a New Hampshire pilot program, Dr. Daniel J. Rosenbaum acknowledges that old treatment practices die hard. Switching to the medical home model is challenging for doctors accustomed to a more traditional method of patient care.

“It’s amazing how much we had to re-train ourselves,” he says in a report in the New Hampshire Union Leader. “We’re wired so that everything for us is about the visits.” In addition, both time and money are required to make medical records available electronically to better coordinate care.

“There’s no recipe for creating a medical home,” he says. “I’m amazed with how much had to be created.”

The transition to a medical-home model requires a fundamental shift in doctors’ view of their role. Yet the rewards of the patient-centered medical home practice are worth it. “It makes people healthier; it’s the right thing to do,” says Rosenbaum.


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