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Health Risk Assessments

According to an annual survey of employer health benefits:
  • 61% of large firms (200 or more workers) use health risk assessments to encourage participation in wellness programs, compared to 33% of small firms.
  • Among all firms that reported offering health risk assessments, 11% reported that they offer gift cards, travel, merchandise, or cash to employees that complete a health risk assessment.
  • Among those large firms that reported offering financial incentives to employees who complete a health risk assessment, 27% reported that employees pay a smaller share of the premium, 7% reported employees have a smaller deductible, and 2% reported employees have a lower coinsurance rate
  • Overall, 16% of firms offering health benefits also offer health risk assessments to their employees.
  • Of those firms offering health insurance that offer health risk assessments, 11% offer a financial incentive to employees who complete a health risk assessment

Source: “Employer Health Benefits: 2009 Annual Survey,” the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust, 


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