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Additional Amendments Considered on 9/24 in SFC

Editor’s note: Senate Finance Committee is continuing to consider amendments. Consider Grassley/Bunning C3. Will this survive consolidation on the Senate side and Congressional Conference Committee? And perhaps the other questions that might be asked, will the provisions of what they would purchase through the exchange be identical to what is available to the general public and further, will it be at the same prices to employees and dependents?


Committee will reconvene on Wednesday at 9:30. Baucus intends to address financing amendments during Wednesday’s session.  Meanwhile, below is the summary of this evening’s votes.

Wyden D16: Proposal regarding hospice cuts.  Withdrawn, agreement to work on.

Kyl D2: strikes physician profiling provisions in the bill.  Withdrawn, to be worked on.

Grassley-Bunning C3 (modified): Requires that all Members and Congressional staff purchase health insurance through the exchange.  Accepted.

Crapo C1 (modified): Amends Title I Subtitle D to increase the employer exemption to businesses with up to 499 employees. Defeated, 10-13

Ensign C5:  exempts HSAs from creditors’ claims in personal bankruptcy cases.  Baucus ruled non-germane, upheld.

Menendez C6 (modified):  Regarding emergency services.  Guarantees that copays and cost sharing for emergency services will be no higher than in network rates for those in the exchange.  Accepted.

Lincoln D9 (modified): directs the CMS innovation center to research direct access models for expanding access to physical therapy for Medicare beneficiaries in rural areas.  Agreed to.

Kyl C11: Prohibits the federal government from setting the actuarial values of plans.  Defeated, 9-14

Grassley C4: To allow any High Deductible Health Plan that meets the tax rules for HSAs  to satisfy the individual mandate to purchase insurance. Defeated, 11-12

Hatch C10.  Funding for abstinence education.  Accepted, 12-11.

Baucus side by side w Hatch: provides $50 million to States and $25 million for innovative research, etc – related to teen pregnancy education, abstinence only education.  Accepted,14-9

Grassley C15. Allows states to opt out of individual mandate.  Defeated, 10-13

Menendez C11.  Women who become pregnant while in young invincible plan can switch over to a more comprehensive plan.  Withdrawn for further consideration.
Cantwell C9.  To provide coverage for primary care in medical home.   Withdrawn for further consideration.

Kyl C17.  To increase HSA contribution limit equal to current out of pocket limit for High Deductible Health Plans.  Withdrawn pending score.


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