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High Deductible Health Plans

Editor’s note: The Federal guidelines for setting deductible and out of pocket maximum amounts, gives you a good idea of what the Federal Government thinks is ‘affordable’. They don’t index these amounts by Adjusted Gross Income or any other measure of ability to pay.


DHP Minimum Deductible
In order for a health plan to qualify as an HSA compatible High Deductible Health Plan, they must have a minimum annual deductible amount that applies to almost all services and items covered under the plan. The MMA allows that the minimum deductible may be adjusted annually. Plans may set deductibles higher than the minimum, and there is no maximum, although there is a maximum annual HSA contribution that may be funded as discussed below. For 2010, the minimum deductibles increased $50 for singles and $100 for families. The 2010 deductible amounts are:

Annual Deductible


Single Minimum Deductible


Family Minimum Deductible



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