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Health Care: It is Crunch Time in Washington

Editor’s note: I urge you to look at this opportunity to voice your opinion to Congress and the President. I definitely suggest that you edit the letter, including your thoughts. You likely don’t agree with everything that the letter says, but it is a good starting point to compose your own thoughts and to automatically send it to your representatives in Washington.


The Senate Finance Committee will be voting on its bill this week, then Harry Reid and the White House will cobble together a merger of the two Senate committee bills and take it to the floor.

House leadership is already working on a bill to take to the floor and probably will have a vote in the next two weeks.

Whatever else they do it will certainly include:

  • A mandate that you must buy health insurance and be fined or even jailed if you fail to comply.
  • A major increase in the deficit to pay for all the new subsidies and bureaucracies.
  • Rationing of services as determined by a federal committee.
  • Increased taxes on everyone involved in health care.
  • More regulation of doctors and hospitals.

No one will have time to read the final product and debate likely will be restricted.

And people are getting frustrated that it is so hard to communicate with their Senators and Congressmen.

“Can You Hear Us Now?” works pretty well at Town Hall meetings and when 800,000 people show up in Washington. But once the committee room doors close and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi start twisting arms in the back rooms of the Capitol, how can you get through?

Our friends at FreedomWorks provide a great service for instant communications with your Congress Critters. You can find it at their Web site.

This service allows you to either e-mail or send a print copy of your letter. FreedomWorks has posted a suggested letter, but it is best if you edit it to express your own thoughts.

This is the ball game, folks. It is now or never. Go to the FreedomWorks Web site and let them know you are watching.


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