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Maybe Insurance Companies Aren’t the Problem

Maybe it is the Government

This from Greg Scandlen:

From the incomparable Alieta Eck, MD. She writes:

USA– I saw an uninsured patient on Saturday, Sept 17th, a 50-year old woman with abdominal pain and a pelvic mass. I told her she needed a CT scan. I told her where she could get one for $225, she took the prescription and got it the same day, paying cash. I was called by the radiologist first thing Monday morning. There was fluid around the mass, so I sent her to a radiologist who saw her on Wednesday. He did not feel there was enough to tap. Then, because the mass was solid and probably ovarian, I sent her to an oncologic gynecologist– the best in the area. This uninsured woman had surgery today, October 7th. I do not know how the finances were discussed– BUT SHE GOT CARE. The surgeon, and the other doctors she has seen, are kind and compassionate.

Canada– I met a radiologist who escaped from Canada about 7 years ago. In the land of socialized medicine, my patient would not have had a CT scan for at least 3 months, and would not have seen an oncologic surgeon until after the 3 month wait to see a gynecologist. If she has cancer, she would have died in Canada, but may have a chance in the USA.

There is nothing like the free market, and the main flaw in US health care is government intervention. Government sets the rules that insurance companies must follow– rules that actually work against the patients because they cause premiums to rise.

America’s health care is closer to the free market and it is COMPASSIONATE. Canada’s “health insurance for all” just insures a spot on waiting lists, where people wait like sheep. It does not insure care and is CRUEL.


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