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Hospitalization Costs

Using federal survey data for 2007, a recent analysis of the costs of hospitalizations ending in death found:
  • The overall costs of such hospitalizations amounted to $20 billion, or 5.2% of total in-patient hospital costs.
  • The average cost of a hospital stay that ended with the patient’s death was $26,035, compared to $9,447 for patients discharged alive.
  • Patients covered by Medicare accounted for 67% of in-hospital deaths and $12 billion in hospital costs.
  • Private insurance covered 18% of patients who died at a cost of $4 billion. 
  • Medicaid patients made up 8.1% of patients who died at a cost of $2.4 billion.
  • Uninsured patients who died accounted for 3.5% and $630 million in costs.
  • The remainder of in-hospital deaths were covered by other payers such as charities.

Source: “The Costs of End-of-Life Hospitalizations, 2007,” Statistical Brief #82, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project /Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, November 4, 2009, 


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