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Senate Vote On Healthcare Reform Seen As Risky


AFP (11/16) reports that “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) hopes to set the stage to launch formal debate next week, after the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issues a report on the bill’s price tag.” However, “doing so would require a vote on whether to proceed to the healthcare debate, with support of 60 senators needed to ensure passage over any parliamentary delaying tactics from Republicans bitterly opposed to the plan.” It could be “a critical test vote” for President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform push, according to AFP. The vote “could prove a risky test of support for the legislation: several swing-vote Democrats and one independent who often sides with them have signaled they may not support launching the debate at this point.”

        Despite the uncertainty, Sen. Reid “is confident he’ll be able to kick off debate on a massive healthcare reform measure before Thanksgiving,” Roll Call (11/16, Pierce) reports. Reid said he “may keep the Senate in session into the week of Thanksgiving in order to overcome one of the biggest hurdles facing the bill: producing the 60 votes needed to beat back a GOP filibuster that would prevent the bill from even being considered on the Senate floor.”


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