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Diuretics just as good as newer, more expensive hypertension drugs

ORLANDO — Over the long term, diuretics fight hypertension as well as newer, more expensive blood pressure medications, researchers said here.

A 10-year analysis of the ALLHAT study confirmed continued lack of superiority of calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors over thiazide-type diuretics, William Cushman, MD, of the VA Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn., and colleagues found.

Any differences between groups for mortality and major cardiovascular and renal outcomes initially seen in the main five-year analysis were lost by 10 years.

The only exception was a persistent 34% elevated heart failure risk with amlodipine, they reported here at the American Heart Association meeting.

“Thiazide-type diuretics should still be preferred first-step treatment in most older patients with hypertension, as was recommended in JNC 7,” Cushman said.

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