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The Issue is Health Care Mandates

This from Greg Scandlen:

The poll numbers are bad for Democrats, but no better for Republicans. Writing in Forbes, Shikha Dalmia notes that while the Republicans are busy fretting over the “public option” they are missing out on the message that could actually resonate with the public – freedom. They have completely overlooked the damage that mandatory coverage will do to working people across America. She writes, “By insisting on the removal of the public option–instead of the individual mandate–as the price of doing business, Republicans have missed a major opportunity to put Democrats on the defensive and change the terms of the debate.”

She goes on to argue, “the problem is that Democrats don’t need the public option to engineer a ‘federal takeover of our health care system.’ All they need is the power to force Americans to purchase insurance. A mandate will fundamentally alter the relationship between Americans and their government. Instead of the government being accountable to them, they will become accountable to their government.”

She adds, “During the campaign, Obama himself successfully stopped poor Hillary dead in her tracks by reminding voters at every turn of her tyrannical plans to force them to purchase coverage. So why aren’t Republicans doing the same to Obama?” Why? Because Republicans “themselves are deeply conflicted about the mandate.” They don’t seem to have any problem telling everyone what to do. It’s just that they want to be the ones doing the telling.



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