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A Few Ideas for Reducing Costs

Editor’s note: Reducing cost in almost any area, gores someone’s ox. There are many studies that show if you do this or that, you can reduce health care by X. Of course the claims added together is greater than the sum of the current whole….sooo….here are a few examples of potential areas to investigate for savings or maybe not:
A recent study estimates the percentage change in national health care spending that could be achieved if one of the following policies were implemented alone for 10 years:
  • A “bundled-payment” approach which provides a single payment for all services related to a given treatment or condition: 5.4% decrease
  • Bundling payments only for hospital-based services: 0.1% decrease
  • All-payer hospital rate setting: 2% decrease to a 0% increase
  • Adoption of Health Information Technology: 0.8% increase to 1.5% decrease
  • Disease-management programs: 1.0% increase to a 1.3% decrease
  • Medical Homes: 0.4% increase to 1.2% decrease

Source: “Controlling U.S. Health Care Spending — Separating Promising from Unpromising Approaches,” New England Journal of Medicine, November 11, 2009,


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