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What Are Washington’s Motives for ‘Change’?

The whole process is beginning to stink to high heaven. Grover Norquist writes that he has learned four lessons from the Senate vote. They are:

  1. There are no “moderate” Democrat senators. No Senators who put the interests of Nebraska, Arkansas, Indiana or Nevada ahead of the raw political demands of the liberal Democrat leadership in Washington D.C.
  2. Everything Barack Obama’s handlers put up on his teleprompter during the 2008 campaign turns out to be a lie. Everything.
  3. This isn’t about health care at all. It’s about raising taxes and increasing government spending and government make-work jobs.
  4. How completely corrupt Congress has become. Senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat from Louisiana, bragged that she knows the legislation will hurt consumers, but she sold her vote for $300 million.

He concludes, “This is not about doctors or hospitals or health. It is about politics; about taxes and spending and moving power to the special interests in Washington D.C. Big government won round one. Now, maybe, we will hear from America.”

Fox News

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