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Health Care’s Many Points of View

This from the Heartland Institute:

Do Members of Congress know what ObamaCare means to average Americans?

The health care overhaul bills championed by the Obama administration and congressional Democrats would result in less health care for consumers and higher taxes for all, a veteran health care policy analyst concludes in a new Heartland Policy Study.

Peter Ferrara concludes the Obama/health care overhaul legislation would:

  • Impose rationing of health care procedures that will deny consumers care they seek.
  • Restrict consumers’ freedom of choice over doctors and hospitals.
  • Expand the number of health care entitlements to new groups of consumers.
  • Trigger sharply higher taxes to pay for the overhaul.

“This all translates into a major decline in the standard of living for the American people,” writes Ferrara, a Heartland policy advisor and director of entitlement and budget policy for the Institute for Policy Innovation in Texas. “Today Americans enjoy the most advanced, sophisticated, cutting-edge health care in the world. But under the Obama/Democrat health regime, this will be replaced by the outdated, failed, throwback, socialized medicine policies of foreign countries that reflect their lower standards of living.”

The full text of the study is available online at


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