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Budget Director: No efficiencies for decades

Editor’s note: If we cannot get to an efficient system for decades if with health reform, what is the Budget Director saying about this healthcare overhaul package and the attendant costs? …Brace yourself for significant health care and tax increases. He is part of the White House team!


The White House budget director said Wednesday that it may take decades for America to have an efficient health care system even if Congress passes a major overhaul this year.

“It will be years to decades” before the nation has a properly working health care system that rewards quality over quantity, Peter Orszag told reporters. He said improving the quality of health care “is more like a lifelong nutrition or diet, not studying for an exam,” but he added that continuous progress is a crucial goal.

Orszag is one of President Barack Obama’s top aides in urging Congress to overhaul the U.S. health care system in the coming weeks. He acknowledged that many key elements of the pending House and Senate bills would not take effect for several years, but he urged Americans to embrace a gradual process.


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