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HSA’s are Growing, Will They Survive Reform

While all this centrally planned chaos ensues, out in the real world Health Savings Accounts keep growing and growing and growing. Robert Hopper wrote a fascinating article that uses the “diffusion of innovation” curve to plot the growth. He says, “when a new innovation enters the market, there are five stages of adoption: innovators (first 2.5 percent of the population), early adopters (13.5 percent), early majority (34 percent), late majority (34 percent) and laggards (the last 16 percent).” He writes that we have already passed the “innovator” and “early adopter” phases and in 2010 will enter the “early majority” stage of market adoption.  He notes that General Motors is putting all of its white collar employees in HSAs and the BCBS of Florida will rely solely on HSAs for its own employees in 2010. He adds that if Congress goes through with creating a public option, “premiums for these plans will be more expensive than plans from private insurance companies (according to CBO). Once people understand that these government plans will be expensive, and that HSA-based plans will be affordable, we will breeze through the early majority phase and into the late majority somewhere after 2013.”
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