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Another Side of the Abortion Issue

Editor’s note: As you read this story, you will discover another untold side of the abortion story.


This past July, I was happily pregnant and eagerly expecting the arrival of our second child. For nearly eight months, I had been loving my baby in utero and explaining to our 2 1/2 -year old son that he was going to become a big brother. Never in my worst nightmare did I imagine I would need to have an abortion – and certainly not late term.

At my 28-week sonogram, the ventricles in our baby’s brain measured a little elevated, and I was sent for further testing. Two weeks later, I had an MRI, and my worst nightmare was realized – we learned the baby was missing a main piece of its brain. The part that connects the right and left hemispheres literally wasn’t there. Additionally, the surface of the brain was malformed and severely underdeveloped. Despite all my prenatal care and testing, this was not detected until I was 7 1/2 months along. And no amount of surgery or physical therapy could change this horrific diagnosis.
Read the rest of the story here:,0,7259847.story


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