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Did Obama Mean What He Said, Or…

Editor’s note: So read this exchange with the President saying the Senate bill meets all of his requirements, the claim that those under $250,000 won’t see tax increases and the previous post where just such an amendment was defeated.


The Washington Times (12/16, Haberkorn) reports, “Obama told reporters after the meeting that the Senate’s bill…meets all the standards that he originally requested in an address to a joint session of Congress in September.” However, “he also acknowledged that the emerging compromise will not make all his fellow Democrats happy.” Said Obama, “The final bill won’t include everything that everybody wants.” AFP (12/16, Knox), the Wall Street Journal (12/16, Hitt, Adamy, subscription required), Roll Call (12/16, Drucker, Pierce) and the Hill (12/16, Zimmermann) also report on the White House meeting.

Crapo: 73 Million Americans Making Under $200,000 Would See Tax Hike Under Bill. Fox News’ Special Report (12/15, lead story, Baier) reported that the Senate legislation includes “various tax increases” that “many Republicans argue” will hit “people with incomes below $250,000 a year.” Sen. Mike Crapo: “By 2019, at least 73 million American households earning below $200,000 will face a tax increase. Now if that’s not violating the President’s pledge, I don’t know what is.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “noted opinion polls show as many as 61% of Americans oppose healthcare reform as now structured.”


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