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Understanding the Impact of the ‘Cadillac’ Tax

Editor’s note: Technically, Gibbs’ statement is true. Operationally, those of us who design plans will continually ‘skinny’ down plans to stay under the tax ceiling. The practical impact of that will be a relentless shift of the cost of health care to the consumer.


Gibbs Says Obama Wants Tax On Insurance Companies For “Cadillac” Plans. Asked, on NBC’s Meet The Press(12/27, Gregory) if the President is “committed” to retaining the tax on so-called Cadillac plans, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, “Understand that that is not a tax on a worker or an individual, that’s a tax on an insurance company that provides a plan that, quite frankly, many would deem is far too generous. The best way to bend that cost curve is to go after and work on eliminating excessive Cadillac plans that people at Goldman Sachs and big bankers might get. That’s what the focus will be in this.”


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