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A Tribute To Greg Scandlen

Editor’s note: While I don’t always agree with Greg’s viewpoints, he offers a critical viewpoint in the health care debate and delivery system. Greg is moving on. Here is his letter to his subscribers. Thank you Greg for all of your very valuable contributions over these many years.


Statemement of Greg Scandlen

December 30, 2009

Come January I will be stepping down from my work at the Heartland Institute so I can devote more time to the 2010 elections and work on some other projects I have put on hold for too long.This has been in the works for the past six months.

In February I will resume writing the Consumer Power Report, but on a bi-weekly basis. Peter Fotos, Ben Domenech, and the rest of the health care team at the Heartland Institute will continue to keep Consumers for Health Care Choices alive and expanding, beginning with a new web site at

I have concluded over the past year that it is time to pivot from policy analysis to helping people who are devoted to liberty get elected to office. I have already said everything I have to say about health policy, anyway. It isn’t all that complicated — what is ruining health care in the United States is excessive reliance on third-party payment. The way to fix it is to move away from third-party payment. This is no longer just a theory. It has been proven in the marketplace.

But it is clear to me that the current ruling elite doesn’t care a whit about sound ideas or good policy. They will ignore any facts, tell any lies, destroy any opponents, in order to gain more power over the lives of others.

They have convinced themselves that the American people are too stupid and too lazy to control our own lives. We must be controlled for our own good.

This kind of thinking offends and infuriates me. It also frightens me to the core because this elitist superiority is widespread in the media, in academia, in business, and certainly in politics. These people have far too much power already and they must be stopped.

They must be stopped because, in spite of (or because of) their smug superiority, they almost always get it wrong. They advance ideas that destroy the lives of thousands and are never held to account. Examples are legion over the years –

Urban renewal that bulldozed vast areas of viable neighborhoods.

Public housing that created crime-ridden hell holes like Chicago’s Cabrini Green.

Welfare programs that banished fathers from being with their own children.

Education policies that abandoned teaching in favor of indoctrination.

All of these programs were absolute disasters advocated by small elites who were never personally affected. They had no stake in whether the programs would actually work.

The same elite is about to take over our health care and the results will be similar. They have been advancing a bevy of bad ideas and ignoring those with real promise. They push for things like pay-for-performance, community rating, chronic disease management, centralized health information technology, and dozens of other little panaceas, heedless of all the evidence that not only do these programs not work, but they make conditions worse. Meanwhile, these same elites ignore those ideas that actually do work, like consumer driven health care. They find it inconvenient that regular working Americans who control their own money can achieve the health reforms that have eluded the experts for decades.

The elite ignore evidence in a blind lust for power. They don’t care if an idea works as long as they get more control. Creating dependency is the key. They want to be the masters and have the rest of us implore them for favors. They will “give us” health care and we will be grateful for it.

No! This will not stand. Not in this country. Not in America.

Here we are allowed to control our own lives. Here we are allowed to use our own judgment.  Here we are allowed to make our own mistakes and enjoy our own successes. Here we live with the consequences of our own decisions.

That is the legacy I inherited from my grandparents and it is the legacy I intend to pass on to my grandchildren.

Thank you for your support and attention over these many years. I hope you will join me, or at least wish me well, in a new crusade — an Awakening — that will restore “the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

— Greg Scandlen

Consumers for Health Care Choices at the Heartland Institute

19 South LaSalle St. #903

Chicago, IL 60603


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