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Impact of High Deductible Health Plans

 According to a multi-year study of health care claims experience of 655,000 CIGNA customers, as overall medical costs continue to increase by double digits annually, medical costs for individuals in account-based consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) went down 26% over four years, while levels of care for their preventive medicine, chronic disease management and evidence-based treatments were higher than their counterparts in traditional PPO and HMO health plans. Key findings from the Fourth Annual CIGNA Choice Fund Experience Study include: CDHP medical costs are 14% less than traditional plans the first year, cumulative cost savings rise to 19% in the second year, 23% in the third year and 26% in the fourth year. Higher levels of care: People with CIGNA Choice Fund received recommended care at compliance rates that were similar or better than those covered by traditional CIGNA health plans. Key indicators such as use of preventive care, evidence-based care and disease management program participation were measurably better among those in CIGNA CDHPs than those in PPOs and HMOs. Source: Fourth Annual CIGNA Choice Fund Experience Study, CIGNA. December 2009.


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