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Is a Health Czar Next?

Editor’s note: The President’s position is consistent with his ideological belief in centralizing power and control at the Federal level.


Obama Reportedly Favors National Health Insurance Exchange Over State Alternative

The Wall Street Journal (1/13, Adamy, Meckler, subscription required) reports that President Obama and his advisers support the establishment of a single national health insurance exchange instead of creating 50 statewide exchanges. The Journal says White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer refused to confirm any reports on the negotiations involving the White House and Congressional Democrats.

Bloomberg News (1/13, Donmoyer, Rowley) notes that “during his 2008 presidential campaign, Obama endorsed the concept of a nationwide insurance exchange. The Senate bill calls for each state to set up its own exchange, which House lawmakers say wouldn’t be as effective.”

The Washington Times (1/13, Haberkorn) adds that House Democrats “said Tuesday that they plan to fight for the national plan. ‘We want to make sure it’s the same all over the country,’ said Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, New York Democrat.”

Citing “A Serious Problem,” Rangel Does Not Expect Final Deal Until Next Month. Roll Call (1/13, Bendery) reports that House Ways and Means Committee char Rep. Charles Rangel said yesterday that “negotiators are facing ‘a serious problem’ in resolving their differences and are not likely to have a final bill until February.” Rangel is quoted as saying, “We’ve got a problem on both sides of the Capitol. A serious problem.” Roll Call adds, “Another senior House Democrat familiar with negotiations on the bill said no progress has been made this week on any of the key sticking points in the House and Senate bills, despite steady meetings with union leaders and the White House. ‘There’s no agreement. No deal on anything. Nothing,’ the lawmaker said.”


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