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Health Care — More Thoughts on What’s Next

Some sources are reporting:

An option which is gaining most focus right now, since people think it is untenable to pass the Senate bill and tweak later, is to put as many of the compromises made into reconciliation and just go the reconciliation route.  That said, it is not perhaps the most politically palatable option because of the perception that they are still jamming it through.  I just don’t think Dems are ready to think about a small, scaled back bill at this point.  They may eventually get there.  However, with both of these options, they take up time.  Reconciliation, while a privileged bill (20 hours of debate) can have a huge number of amendments filed to it.  And a smaller bill, with bipartisan support, would also take a lot of time — and quite frankly, there is a lot of Dem member fatigue on this issue and a strong desire to move on to jobs and the economy.

With respect to the Doc Fix that will expire in Feb, we are hearing that they are considering adding it to the debt ceiling bill.

And more thoughts here:


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