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Is Major Health Care Reform Possible?

John Goodman’s blog today suggests the role his organization played in the outcome of health reform ( Communications certainly played a role, but there is something more fundamental at work here.

Let me suggest that what has happened here is very similar to what Benefits Managers around the country experience every year. When we make changes to health benefits our plan participants react. The larger the change, the more negative the reaction.

If Congress wants to make changes they need to work it from the perspective of the citizen. Instead this administration went to committee hearings for special interests, behind closed doors to make special deals with legislators, to unions to make deals. They forgot all about the people.

Some people suggest that the President and his team didn’t communicate it well enough. They communicated and communicated to the wrong people and in the wrong way.

But what is it that Benefits Managers know about plan participants? They know that if it costs more and benefits are reduced, perceived to be reduced or their ability to utilize providers of their choice are impinged there will be a ground swell of discontent. In the business setting if the leaders of the organization are behind the changes employees will settle down and ‘accept’ the change. If they felt that they could get the decisions reversed they would do what was required to do so. However, they value their employment.

When it comes to the US, there is something they can do…vote leadership out of office. 1994…2010????

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