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Use of the Internet is Changing Health Care

A recent survey of adults aged 18-64, conducted from January through June 2009, found:
  • Women were more likely than men to look up health information on the Internet (58.0% versus 43.4%)
  • 6.0% of adults had requested a refill of a prescription on the Internet in the last 6 months
  • 2.7% had made an appointment with a healthcare provider using the Internet in the previous 12 months
  • 50.8% had used the Internet to look up health information during the past 12 months 
  • 4.9% had communicated with a health care provider by e-mail in the past 12 months 
Source: “NCHS Health E-Stat: Health Information Technology Use Among Men and Women Aged 18-64: Early Release of Estimates From the National Health Interview Survey, January-June 2009,” National Center for Health Statistics, February 2010, 

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