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Patient Compliance With Doctor’s Orders

UnitedHealthcare’s cancer treatment non-compliance rates for selected diseases

Disease Non- Compliance Rate Rule
Breast Cancer 17% Patients with a genetic marker indicating a favorable response to the drug Herceptin should receive that drug.
Colon Cancer 61% Patients should receive ultrasound prior to treatment in order to determine how far the tumor has spread and to plan for treatment
Colon Cancer 31% Patients with early-stage colon cancer should receive chemotherapy or radiation after surgery.
Lung Cancer 31% Patients should receive pulmonary-function testing before treatment
Lung Cancer 24% Patients should be given Avastin only if they meet the following criteria: Non-squamous cancers only and no history of coughing up blood.


Data Source: UnitedHealthcare

Publication: The Wall Street Journal, February 9, 2010. “Insurer Plays Judge on Cancer Care: UnitedHealthcare Sends Doctors Individualized Reports; a Complaint on Email.”

Related Article for reference: “UnitedHealthcare Creates Adult National Cancer Care Registry With Data and Analysis to Support Oncologists in the Fight Against Cancer.” UnitedHealthcare, February 9, 2010



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