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Areas of Agreement

Editor’s note: Maybe so, but it is all about the details and what it takes to change anyone of these items. There is massive interconnection in the health care system.

Areas of Agreement in Health Reform Legislation

Percent saying it is “extremely” or “very important” that each element be passed into law:

  Total Democrat Independent Republican
At least six in ten in each group believe important        
   1. Reforming the way health insurance works 76% 85% 79% 64%
   2. Providing tax credits to small businesses 72% 77% 70% 67%
   3. Creating a health insurance exchange/marketplace 71% 78% 71% 67%
   4. Helping close the Medicare “doughnut hole” 71% 78% 70% 66%
   5. Expanding high risk insurance pools 70% 79% 67% 61%
At least six in ten in two groups believe important        
   6. Providing financial help for low/middle income 68% 88% 64% 48%


Note: Question wording abbreviated.

Data Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll (conducted February 11-16, 2010).

Publication: Kaiser Family Foundation, February 23, 2010.


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