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Federal legislation key driver of EMR adoption

According to a new report released by Accenture, fifty-eight percent of U.S. physicians who don’t use electronic medical records (EMRs) intend to purchase an EMR system within the next two years. Among  key findings:  

  • about 80 percent of physicians under the age of 55 plan to implement an EMR system within the next two years;
  • three-quarters of non-users are intrigued by the idea of purchasing an EMR system from a local hospital – if the purchase is at least partially subsidized by the hospital;
  • on average, non-users would expect a hospital/health network to subsidize about half the cost of an EMR system;
  • the key driver of EMR adoption is federal legislation – 61 percent cited federal penalties for non-adoption and 51 percent cited federal incentives;
  • non-users underestimate the cost and time requirements to implement an EMR system, but also have an exaggerated perception of difficulties in using EMR systems, compared to the actual experiences of EMR users;
  • and the vast majority of current EMR users – 90 percent – believe that their EMR system has brought value to their practice, in particular “changing the way their practice works for the better.”

Source: Accenture, March 2, 2010.


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