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Declare Health Care Independence

Editor’s note: Link to the petition, below, and decide whether you support these several health care principles.

On Saturday, March 13 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm the Citizens Council on Health Care (CCHC) will be cosponsoring a rally in St. Paul, Minnesota. As part of that rally, CCHC head Twila Brase writes, “CCHC would like to present Congresswoman Michell Bachmann with the LARGEST stack of petitions imaginable against government-run health care!”

Twila asks that all friends of health care freedom join with her in signing the Declaration of Health Care Independence petition.

Please sign the petition and pass the link on to your friends and colleagues.


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John Goodman, Ken Thorpe, Uwe Rheinhardt

Editor’s note: a terrific piece by John Goodman with comments by some of the greatest minds in health care policy – debating some of the most salient points.


Writing in Health AffairsKen Thorpe and his colleagues offer a description of the current phase of the problem:

Medicare beneficiaries’ medical needs, and where beneficiaries undergo treatment, have changed dramatically over the past two decades. Twenty years ago, most spending growth was linked to intensive inpatient (hospital) services, chiefly for heart disease. Recently, much of the growth has been attributable to chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and kidney disease. These conditions are chiefly treated not in hospitals but in outpatient settings and by patients at home with prescription drugs.

So how are we dealing with this challenge? Poorly.

Now read more and the various rebuttals…at:

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Weight Loss

A recent weight management study found that individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3% of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype, who experienced only 2.3% weight loss. 


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The Value of Retail Clinics

Time, money are factors in decision to use retail clinics
A survey found that people would rather see their primary care provider but if that is not possible they are likely to use a retail-based clinic. People were willing to see a nurse practitioner at a retail clinic if they could save at least $31.42 and would wait a day or more to do so if they could save at least $82.12. Los Angeles Times/Booster Shots blog (3/8)

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All Stakeholders Have a Part to Play in the Cost of Healthcare

AHIP: Insurance is just a small part of health care costs
AHIP launched a TV ad campaign Tuesday showing that health insurance only accounts for 4% of health care spending, while physicians, hospitals, diagnostics and drugs are larger cost factors. The ad said Washington needs to “look at the whole health care pie” if it wants to curb health spending. The Hartford Courant (Conn.) (3/10)

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