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As a progressive, Obama hews to the Wilsonian tradition

Editor’s note: In interesting read of the ideological leanings of government leaders. By George F. Will

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wilson, once a professor of political science, said that the Princeton he led as its president was dedicated to unbiased expertise, and he thought government could be “reduced to science.” Progressives are forever longing to replace the governance ofpeople by the administration of things. Because they are entirely public-spirited, progressives volunteer to be the administrators, and to be as disinterested as the dickens.

Professor Obama, who will seek reelection on the 100th anniversary of Wilson’s 1912 election, understands, which makes him melancholy. Speaking to Katie Couric on Feb. 7, Obama said:

“I would have loved nothing better than to simply come up with some very elegant, academically approved approach to health care, and didn’t have any kinds of legislative fingerprints on it, and just go ahead and have that passed. But that’s not how it works in our democracy. Unfortunately, what we end up having to do is to do a lot of negotiations with a lot of different people.”


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  1. The reason that there are so many marks of interest groups on this legislation is that rent seeking factions always dominate, especially at the national level where the money is. Frustrating rent seekers was the reason why the framers drafted the Constitution to give the federal government only limited, enumerated powers. The recent SCOTUS decision in Gonzalez v. Raich eliminated that arrangement by effectively saying that Congress could enact anything under the Commerce Clause. Having 50 different states develop individualized, competing systems would have assured that the good systems would chase out the bad ones over time. Now, rather than individuals voting with their own individual choices, we will have every group spending a fortune to rent seek from legislators. This necessarily means crazier laws and more powerful government. The trend is scary. I see where the Post Office had to eliminate Saturday delivery – hope that doesn’t signal no health care on weekends once we go to the national model.

    Comment by Douglas Foss | March 14, 2010 | Reply

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